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GREYTOWN’S After school care
& holiday programme

23-25 Wood Street, Greytown

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GREYTOWN’S After school care
& holiday programme

Children's Holiday Programme

Has your child attended The Pod before?

Before your child can attend The Pod, you must complete an enrolment form. This only has to be done once, so that we have all the important information we need to support your child.

If your child has visited The Pod before, you will have already filled out an enrolment form, so no need to do another one! Simply fill out the booking form below, and we will flick you back an email confirmation as soon as we receive your booking.

If you child hasn’t been with us before, please click here to fill out an enrolment form.

Winter Holiday Programme

Monday July 08 2019 to Friday July 19 2019

To always remember what’s going on at The Pod, click here to download a pdf of our holiday programme and pop it on your fridge.


Wacky Hair Day
We can’t wait to see you arrive! Prizes for the wackiest hairstyle. And we have the hair stations setup and ready for a day of wacky creativity!

Baking Day and Cupcake Sculpting!
Join us for a day baking your favourite treats! Learn how to sculpt amazing pieces of cupcake art!

Join us for a real-world, outdoor treasure hunt game using GPS enabled devices! In teams, we set out for a day navigating to specific GPS coordinates, attempting to find the hidden geocache’s around town.

Lantern/Kite Making Day and Fish & Chip lunch!
We are hard at work designing and creating kites and lanterns to later test fly down at the park, and enjoy a fish and chip lunch!

Pizza Making Day

Sewing Day
Join us for a sewing class. A day of fashion design and creation!

Fashion/Costume Day
Come dressed as anything but yourself! Prizes for the most creative dress, or spend the day letting your creativity fly as you design and create your own costume.

Bike Trail and Picnic
Pump up those tyres, you’re going to need your bike and helmet today, as we set off on a bike ride. Bring along a lunch suitable for a picnic!

Bring a friend along to The Pod (for free!)
Spend the school holidays hanging out with your friends at The Pod! We are having a slumber party, building forts, and getting amongst some party game favourites!
NB: One friend per family enrolled. All children attending must have completed an online enrolment form.

Movie Day