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GREYTOWN’S After school care
& holiday programme

23-25 Wood Street, Greytown

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GREYTOWN’S After school care
& holiday programme

Children's Holiday Programme

Has your child attended The Pod before?

Before your child can attend The Pod, you must complete an enrolment form. This only has to be done once, so that we have all the important information we need to support your child.

If your child has visited The Pod before, you will have already filled out an enrolment form, so no need to do another one! Simply fill out the booking form below, and we will flick you back an email confirmation as soon as we receive your booking.

If you child hasn’t been with us before, please click here to fill out an enrolment form.

Spring Holiday Programme

Monday October 4th to Friday October 15th 2021

To always remember what’s going on at The Pod, click here to download a pdf of our Spring Holiday Programme and pop it on your fridge.

We want to be as flexible as we can and understand that sometimes things come up or the grandparents arrive in town! Once your child is booked we can offer “day swaps” if need be, however there is no refund for cancelled or missed days. Children are welcome to bring their scooters and ICT devices, we will try our hardest to keep everything safe and secure but please note that The Pod staff take no responsibility for lost or damaged belongings.


Rainbow Day
It’s a day celebrating colours. Join us as we make some tie-dye creations, turn our hair rainbow colours and make some colourful jewellery.
In the afternoon we are heading down to Greytown School for a game of Pod soccer.

Dance, Movement and Slime
It’s all about making things move today! Join us for a Ballet class with Miss Penny followed by an afternoon making oozy slime, gooey gloop and lots of other moving creations.

Creative Design
Today we are joined by Greytown Honey to make our own bees wax wraps.
In the afternoon we are creating wind chimes.

Art with Linda Kirkland
Join us for an amazing art class exploring Claude Monet. We will be painting a spring garden using paint, pastels and dye.

Smoothie Making Day
Join us for a day making our own delicious smoothies.
In the afternoon we are heading down to the Lolly Jar to select some delicious treats.

Wearable Arts Day
It’s a day to let your creativity fly! We are making designer outfits, clothing and accessories using an amazing range of recycled materials.
We will also be welcoming Aimee Davoren who will be showing us how to sew our own face masks.

GEO Caching
Join us for a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS enabled devices. In teams, we navigate to specific set of GPS co-ordinates, attempting to find the geocache hidden at the location!

Under the Stars
Becky the brainiac is back, this time with rubbish fashion on her mind! Will you accept the challenge of making a waterproof outfit for you or your teddy? Yes, we will be testing it with real water. A fun science, fashion morning all while trying to avoid getting wet! Bring a teddy/soft toy and a change of clothes.
In the afternoon we are heading down to the Lolly Jar to select some delicious treats.

Baking with Bonnie
Bonnie the baker is back to make some delicious Halloween treats with us! Learn how to decorate a cake like a professional!

Halloween Party!
We are celebrating the end of school holidays with a Halloween party! Come dressed in your scariest costume and bring a plate for a shared lunch!